Player's Introduction

This is the home page for an experimental role playing campaign which I hope to run in the "Kid's Room" at DunDraCon.  The characters will be members of a special branch of the Egyptian police in the 1920s, who are responsible for policing archaeologists (and the things they unearth) and especially to keep a lid on all paranormal activity that they stir up.   And there is a lot of paranormal activity going on!   None of it can be allowed to see the "light of day".

Most adventures will be designed to run for 3-6 hours, and have 4-6 players, each.  Simplified GURPS rules will be used, along with simplified character sheets.  Players will be expected to be about 8-12 years old, but with some role playing experience.  The setting will be heavily influenced by a "Cthulhu lite" attitude and an "Indiana Jones" background.